What industries do we focus on?

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HLB Barnett Chown focuses on many industries and sectors within South Africa. We support our clients as they grow nationally, regionally and globally. Ensuring that our clients experience high-quality and personalised service wherever they operate. Our wide range of services can offer support for any industry. 

We do however focus on a variety of industries, and most of the clients will fall within the following:

  • Aged Care – this is anything from retirement villages and frail care centres
  • Agriculture
  • Attorneys
  • Education and Non-Profit – anything from schools, colleges, universities and NGO’s
  • Financial Services – even financial services need to have their entities audited, independent reviews and much more
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality – anything from bed & breakfasts, hotels
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and freight
  • Mining
  • Recreational clubs – Clubhouses, Tennis academies and sports facilities
  • Retire
  • Retirements funds
  • Security
  • Technology & Telecommunication companies
  • Transport
  • Wholesale & Distribution

We have some of the most experienced team members that specialise in various industries and sectors.

To name a few:

Dee Bezuidenhout 

Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution is Dee’s forte industries, which makes sense as her experience in domestic and international tax is unparallel.

Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey has a range of industries she deals with but her areas of expertise lie in Schools and non-profit organisations.

Malcolm Sheppard

Malcolm has a passion for non-profit organisations, aged care (retirement villages).

This is just to name a few to see all our professionals have a look here.

But with all our professionals with years of experience, we have their amazing support system of graduates and students.

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