Corporate Finance

Changing business objectives & strategies.

As the world in which business operates becomes more challenging than before with changes in regulation, the changing tax landscape and political uncertainty, your business needs an adviser who acts as a change agent, helping to maximise shareholder value, pursue liquidity objectives, accelerate growth strategies and raise capital.

HLB is a specialist in valuations, mergers & acquisitions and transaction advisory practice, with professionals who understand the full complexity of our clients' needs, capital structures and strategies. With deep experience across industries, we offer companies a full range of valuation, transaction support, M&A and advisory services through our quality-driven, personal and proactive approach.

Thanks to our global network we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients' local and international transaction needs.

Financial management services

Our public finance team understands the importance of a well-performing public finance management system to improve governance and achieve greater value for money on public spending. With a focus on improving the efficacy of government spending, we work with national, provincial and local government across the following disciplines:

  • Clean audits
  • Revenue mobilisation
  • Expenditure management
  • Financial reporting
  • Asset management
  • Procurement

Advising companies in corporate finance

As one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting networks, HLB helps a diverse range of clients with different needs.


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