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In order to obtain sufficient and appropriate independent audit evidence to provide reasonable assurance about the accuracy and compliance of financial statements and other financial information with financial reporting standards, it is to audit through books, records and documents by applying the necessary independent audit techniques stipulated in the auditing standards and to report them by evaluating.


The audit is conducted with the aim of creating an opinion that will provide assurance for users within the framework of the International Auditing Standards regarding whether the matters subject to audit are compliant with a specified criterion, including financial statements and other financial information.

As HLB Barnett Chown we provide an independent audit service covering the following activities.

  • Independent audit
  • Audit of agreed-upon procedures
  • Compliance audit
  • Preparation of financial statements analysis
  • Our independent audit service covers the audit of companies that are subject to independent audit within the framework of the legislation. Our independent audit service is carried out without compromising the principle of independence in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards


Our company has adopted the principle of providing customer-oriented and high-quality services with staff that have knowledge and experience in various sectors. We have proved time and again our high degree of professionalism and fabulous customer service.

We adopt a cost-effective approach

It is understood by us that audit comes under the category of a compliance cost. We have a highly trained and specialist team of professionals who are fully dedicated to using the streamlined audit process effectively.


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